About Virtual Prince William

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) is a pioneer in online learning through our Virtual Prince William (VPW) program. VPW provides a world-class online learning experience, with accelerated courses taught by highly-skilled and certified PWCS teachers. Virtual Prince William offers students the opportunity to take courses online for the completion of graduation requirements, to recover credits, and to balance academic and extracurricular opportunities. These courses are delivered via Canvas, PWCS’ learning management system, and coursework is completed outside school hours. Students and teachers communicate within the learning management system and via PWCS Office 365 email accounts. VPW courses are NCAA approved as non-traditional courses.

VPW courses are majority asynchronous (self-paced) with some synchronous interactions. Students are expected to be able to work independently and collaborate with their teachers and peers. Asynchronous instruction is designed for students to complete course work independently at a designated pace. While students have some flexibility to choose when they complete asynchronous tasks, they must adhere to course pacing and due dates.

Courses offered in any given school year are dependent on student enrollment and the availability of qualified and appropriately endorsed instructional staff. Students interested in VPW course options should see their school counselor or contact Virtual Prince William.

Virtual Prince William Vision

The vision of Virtual Prince William is to create and educate lifelong, self-motivated learners using quality, self-paced online learning.

Virtual Prince William Mission

Virtual Prince William offers personalized learning that provides freedom and flexibility, empowering students to achieve their educational goals in balance with the demands of their personal lives, and the opportunity to drive their learning to become responsible, contributing global citizens.


VPW Fall 2022 Registration Information

Our Fall 2022 registration will be open from 9 a.m. Monday July 18, 2022, through 9 a.m. Friday, August 12, 2022.

Our Fall 2022 semester will be August 29, 2022, through January 13, 2023 (18 weeks). If you or your student is looking to take an additional 8th course this fall, use the link below to register for a course. VPW courses are majority asynchronous with two live lessons per week occurring in the evening hours. Students can use VPW courses to satisfy graduation requirements, get back on track, or get ahead.

NOTE: Registration does not guarantee enrollment into the course. Students need to be eligible to take their course request. Example: A student who has not completed or is currently sitting in English 10 cannot take English 11. All course requests will be sent to the student's school of attendance for verification and approval by the counseling department. Students will receive an enrollment status email on Thursday, August 18, 2022.

CLICK HERE for the VPW Fall 2022 Registration Form

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