Summer Registration

VPW Summer Registration Information

General Information:
Our summer program allows students to complete full credit courses in 6 weeks.  Prior to registering for a summer course, we ask that students and parents take personal schedules into consideration.  On average, students will be required to work 4-6 hours per day in order to complete their course.  If a student is going on vacation, attending a camp, etc. they are still required to keep up with their course work and participate in the course.  Extensions will not be given.

VPW Summer Open Registration:
Our main summer registration will be open March - June.  Dates vary per academic year.

Summer Course Tuition:
Current PWC students - $470.00/course

Non-PWC students - $705.00/course

Withdraw/Refund Policy:

Students who withdraw prior to or on the first date of the summer session will receive a full refund.  A refund will not be granted for any withdraw request after the first date of the summer session.

Our Summer registration uses the Rycor system.  You will need to create or access your parent's STUDENT QUICKAY account.  Below is the website, directions on how to register, and directions on how to set up a Rycor account.

CLICK HERE for Student QuickPay website

CLICK HERE for directions on how to set up a Rycor account

CLICK here for directions on how to register for a VPW summer course