VPW Courses

All Virtual courses are full credit courses aligned with VA and PWC Standards and are NCAA approved.

All courses and their available semesters are listed below.


Economics & Personal Finance (EPF) (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Computer Information Systems (CIS) (Fall)

ADV Computer Information Systems (ACIS) (Spring)

Independent Living (Fall, Spring)

Nutrition & Wellness (Fall, Spring)

Child Development (Fall, Spring)

Marketing (Fall, Spring)

Sports Marketing (Fall, Spring)

Business Management (Fall, Spring)

Accounting (Fall)

ADV Accounting (Spring)


HPE I (Summer, Fall, Spring)

HPE II (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Our HPE program provides students a Polar heart rate monitor to use and track fitness hours during the semester.  This item is returned at the end of the semester.

With our HPE 2 course, we provide the Driver Education classroom component through this course.  Students will be provided the VADETs Driver Ed content at no tuition rate during our Fall and Spring semester.  There is a $35 tuition rate during the summer semester.

Personal Fitness (Fall)


English 9 (Summer, Fall, Spring)

English 10 (Summer, Fall, Spring)

English 11 (Summer, Fall, Spring)

English 12 (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Creative Writing 1 (Fall)

Creative Writing 2 (Spring)

Journalism 1 (Fall)

Journalism 2 (Spring)


ADV Geometry (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Algebra, Functions and Data Analysis (AFDA) (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Algebra I (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Algebra II (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Geometry (Summer, Fall, Spring) 

Pre-Calc AB (Summer, Fall)

Pre-Calc BC (Spring)

Statistics (Fall, Spring)


Astronomy (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Biology (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Chemistry (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Earth Science (Summer, Fall, Spring)


US and VA Government (Summer, Fall, Spring)

US and VA History (Summer, Fall, Spring)

World History I (Summer, Fall, Spring)

World History II (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Sociology (Fall, Spring)


Latin I (Fall)

Latin II (Summer, Fall)

Latin III (Summer, Spring)

Spanish I (Fall, Spring)

Spanish II (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Spanish III (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Italian I (Fall)

Italian II (Summer, Spring)